President Anne Kelly’s First Yoga Class at the JunoActive Store


Plus Size Body Positive Yoga Minneapolis Mall of America

By Anne Kelly, JunoActive founder and president

My first yoga class at our Mall of America store was an incredible learning experience. Ani, our instructor from YogaQuest, was so warm and welcoming; even her tee expressed the theme of inclusive yoga! As a plus-size woman, she exuded positivity and made everyone in class feel very comfortable.

The class started out slow with lots of sun salutations. I learned how to balance on my two feet, which I didn’t realize was so technical. No one ever told me before about the 3-point system for your feet, and how you balance by focusing on the points just behind the big toe, little toe, and heel. Simple, but wow!

Then on to some balancing tree poses which were really tough for me. Again, Ani was there to make suggestions and modifications that really made a difference. I never really got beyond the “kickstand” tree pose with both feet on the floor, but I finally got the feel of the balance. I’ll try more next time.

She also showed everyone how to do a kneeling downward dog (who knew you could do that on your knees?). The other gals in the class loved it! They said they are not comfortable doing the full downward dog yet, and having an alternative was a real game changer for them.  

At the end of class, we all loved laying on the floor during shavasana—I felt so relaxed. But I mostly loved the advice from Ani, “Leave behind on your mat the things you don’t need, take only what you want.” And remember, “You are enough!”  

Join us for the next three weeks for more yoga at the store with Ani and all the other great instructors we have scheduled—check them out and follow our event on Facebook for regular updates and class reminders!