Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Our New #ThisIsActive Campaign!

Plus Size T Shirt

We are thrilled to usher in 2017 with all new goals, ideas, and inspiration. This year, we’re focusing on our new #ThisIsActive campaign, designed to encourage women to share their active lives with others. We’ll be posting on-topic blogs each month, giving away our favorite plus size workout gear and featuring a monthly limited supply inspirational t-shirt as a gift with purchase. 

As part of the ongoing campaign to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to live and share their active lives with each other, we invite you to use #ThisIsActive when posting a workout selfie, a nice evening walk with your dog, or however you like to stay active. We think it’s important to share our active experiences with each other and the world—you never know who you might inspire to start breaking a sweat. 

Read more about the #ThisIsActive campaign here and check out our first video featuring blogger/influencer Amanda from below. 

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