Friday, November 11, 2016

Where are all the #PlusSizeEmojis?

6 billion emojis–and counting–are sent soaring across the globe every single day. In 2015, Apple launched the iOS 8.3 version with diverse emojis based on the Fitzpatrick scale for classifying human skin tone. Even the most recent iOS 10 update includes new female athletes and professionals, a new rainbow flag and more diverse family options. Cheers from all of us–these are steps in the right direction. However, we are left wondering where 67% of American plus-size and curvy women who wear a size 14 and up are represented in our emoji keyboards.

Plus size bodies can run, bike, play basketball, and more. Being fit doesn’t always look a certain way–bodies of all shapes and sizes are strong, healthy and living active lives. Just take a look at #plussizefitness or #biggirlsworkouttoo on Instagram, and you’ll see thousands of curvy and plus-size women competing in triathlons, lifting weights, and sharing their everyday active lifestyles with the world. These inspiring women are why we decided it was time to start the #PlusSizeEmojis campaign. 

Plus Size Emojis

We teamed up with Minneapolis-based comedian Allison Fingerett and asked her to strike some active emoji poses of her own–which she did with her own brand of unafraid humor. Allison struck a pose just like the runner, biker, and basketball player emojis, proving that bodies of all shapes and sizes can be active and deserve to be equally portrayed as such in our emoji keyboards and beyond.
Allison Fingerett

Fingerett notes, “I'm excited to be a part of this campaign because representing plus-size women as healthy and active is a super important step towards a more widespread body positive movement–which is beneficial to everyone, no matter their size.”

Plus Size Emojis

By launching the #PlusSizeEmojis campaign, we not only hope to inspire curvy women to be active and feel more comfortable sharing that part of their lives online, but to encourage emoji developers and designers to finally represent the amazing majority of American women who wear a size 14 and up. Please SHARE this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to help us spread this message of inclusion!

About Allison Fingerett

Allison Fingerett is a writer and stand-up comedian living in Minneapolis. She has performed in the national comedy showcase, Mortified, and she can be seen at open mics throughout the Twin Cities. You can peek into her psyche on Instagram, @fingeretta.

Allison Fingerett

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