Friday, September 16, 2016

JunoActive Is Now Mobile!

JunoActive Plus Size Activewear

We’re excited to announce that our mobile site is now live! For the over 30% of JunoActive customers who shop with us on mobile already, your experience just got a whole lot better. For everyone else, it means that when you’re waiting for kids after school, standing in line for coffee, or resting in between laps around the field, you’ll be able to shop new and classic JunoActive looks with ease right from your phone.

Our goal in building a mobile site is to make your experience shopping with us smoother than ever. With over 45% of all shopping involving some kind of mobile interaction–whether that’s from Facebook or checking emails on-the-go–mobile shopping is quickly becoming the go-to device for shoppers and JunoActive customers. 

Special promotions that you receive exclusively by email can also be used on the mobile site, so don't forget to sign up! You can join our mailing list by entering your email address at the bottom of our homepage. We have a killer tiered promotion going on now that you can use on mobile or desktop: 10% off $125, 15% off $200 and 20% off $300.

 Let us know what you think of the new mobile site on Facebook or in the comments below!
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