Monday, August 29, 2016

A Killer Plus Size Workout in Less than 10 Minutes

Plus Size Swimsuit

Have your heard of High Intensity Interval Training, commonly referred to as HIIT? Everyone from the New York Times to Hello Magazine has been raving about the super-short workouts. They’ve even been scientifically proven (per the NYTimes) to deliver the same amount of impact as more traditional workout sets.

What is HIIT, exactly?

HIIT workouts are short, high-intensity bursts of exercise followed by intervals of less intense activity or rest. For example, that means you can run as fast as you can for one minute and jog for the next minute, repeat 4 times, and reap the same benefits as running at a moderate pace for longer. It may sound too good to be true, but multiple studies (like this one from the University of Minnesota) have shown its effectiveness in delivering the same results as other less-intense, longer workouts.

You can do it with any exercise you like–running, swimming, squats, you name it. But definitely check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine. Here are some popular HIIT workouts you can try:

  • 30 seconds brisk walk and 30 seconds sprinting, set of 4 (8 minutes total)
  • 30 jumping jacks and 10 burpees, set of 4, rest one minute in-between each set
  • 30 seconds plank and 30 seconds jump rope, set of 4, rest one minute in between each set

The beauty of HIIT workouts is the benefit of saving time, but still getting in an effective and worthwhile workout. Most nights, the hardest thing to do after a full day of work, dropping kids off at soccer, running errands, or cooking dinner, is finding the time (and energy) to get in a good workout. Sporting the right plus-size performance activewear–and knowing that you can get a great workout in under 10 minutes–will definitely give you the boost of aerobic inspiration you're looking for.

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