Monday, July 25, 2016

One way to finally get motivated to work out

How do you find the motivation to exercise or stay active during a busy work week? We all know it can be a constant post-work battle to get moving after 8+ hours at work and lengthy commutes. Why hit the gym when there’s a new show to binge watch, dinner and lunches for the week need to be made and laundry has been staring at you for weeks!

One big move you can make to inspire yourself to hit the gym, or take a relaxing stroll around the neighborhood, is to pick out activewear outfits that get you excited to run down the street. There's something magical about putting on an outfit that fits you perfectly, lets your body breathe by wicking sweat away and makes you feel confident. Beyond picking out the right outfit, try laying your outfits out the night before, or packing them in the gym bag. You’ll be less rushed in the morning and more motivated to work out after work if everything is packed already!

Here are just a few of the outfits we love to workout in right now:

Plus Size Sports Bra

Plus Size Tank Top

Plus Size Tank Top

Plus Size Leggings

Plus Size T Shirt

Getting to that workout, walk or however you choose to stay active is totally worth the feel-good, post-sweat glow–not to mention it's a huge stress reliever and keeps you healthy. Here's to staying motivated!
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