Monday, March 21, 2016

Meet Amanda @mybellamoxi

Life is busy. We have places we need to be, things we need to do, and people we need to meet. During the age of connection, we seem to take disconnection (in order to recharge) for granted. As a plus size fashion blogger, I prefer to be candidly honest. Sure, I love the glitz and glam of a fashion show or dinner party, but I’m happiest when I’m enjoying a little leisure time. And if you're anything like me, you know that fashion is more than half the fun. Historically my go-to leisure look has been baggy sweatpants and a baggy shirt– until I realized athletic style, or athleisure, can be worn anywhere, anytime during any activity, even during those non-athletic, recharging activities.

It's true–up until last summer I admired the athleisure trend from afar. You know the ladies I’m talking about–the ones who look stylish and comfortable in their yoga pants and matching soft gym shirts. These are the type of women who look pulled together even when they dress down. And since I prefer to dress down (most days), I’ve made it a goal to master this trend, and I’m letting you in on my secret.

The simplest trick to attaining that dressed up, dressed down look is to find clothes that are so comfortable, they never distract you and to match. When you coordinate your outfit, it brings an effortless balance to your look. The same can be said for making leisure time a priority–it establishes balance in your life.

I know I’ve already said it, but life is busy. You might have faint memories of leisure time–it's the small amount of time you put away for things like your needs, wants, and goals. I believe it's the secret to a happy life, because it rejuvenates both your mind and soul. Personally I have a strict prescription of me time which I follow at least once a week.

As you can see, I’m most happy when
I get lost in the coffee shop chatter,
while drinking a delicious cup of coffee.

Athleisure Wear By JunoActive

My Bella Moxie
And I’m most happy when my worries recede
while reading a book and drowning in
the author’s inspirational vocabulary.

Plus Size Bloggers
And I’m most happy when the sun hits my face 
and I’m able to stretch the day’s burdens away.

Athleisure Wear For Happines
And lastly I’m happiest when I finish my to do list, which allows me to 
start my tomorrow deservedly.

Let me know in the comments: What makes you most happy?

Life is busy and my sanity (and yours) requires balance, because we are important. Please join my community at Bella Moxie, where it's my mission to encourage already beautiful plus size women to love their bodies through fashion and community. You can also find me on social media at @mybellamoxie.
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