Monday, February 22, 2016

5 Incredible Places to Travel in 2016

5 Incredible Places to Travel in 2016

There’s really nothing better than booking a new vacation. You work hard all year and definitely deserve some well-earned time in the sun, snow or wherever your heart wants to take you. Not only is it fun and exciting to travel, but it’s also a great excuse to unplug. With our ever-increasing tech-obsessed world, it’s so worth it to leave the iPads and streaming services back on dry land and feel like part of nature again–even if it’s just for a long weekend.

 Whether you’re flying solo, with friends or with the whole family in tow, it’s time to break out of the routine and explore a new corner of the globe. Here are our top 5 destinations we would love to visit in 2016.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site in Old Havana

1.    Cuba

Since travel restrictions were loosened last year, Cuba has emerged as a new hot spot for many U.S. tourists who have never had the chance to explore the island. Since the U.S. placed an embargo on exporting goods to Cuba in 1960, the country has almost been preserved like a time capsule. You can watch cars from the 1950s roaming the streets of Havana, or walk through streets boasting architecture straight from colonial times. If you’re an avid hiker and love a challenge, you can tackle Pico Turquino, the highest peak on the island that towers 6476 feet, or you can also visit the more than 3,000 miles of coastline for a truly beautiful day soaking up the sun.

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Lanai, Hawaii

2.     Lanai, Hawaii

If you’ve never heard of Lanai, that’s because it’s the much quieter, less busy island in the U.S.’s favorite (and only) archipelago. There’s not a single stoplight on the entire island, making it a picturesque place to unplug and zone out. With the Four Seasons Hotel slated to re-open this March, you’ll have a slick place to stay while you explore the beaches, snorkel and re-lax.

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Jokulsarlon Lake, Iceland

3.     Iceland

Explore a country and island that’s a little off the beaten path. Iceland is teeming with breathtaking natural landscapes that look like they were plucked from a fantasy novel. The country’s many black sand beaches are incredible sights to see– even though the water might be a bit too cold to take a dip. You’ll still want to pack a swimsuit though – Iceland has many hot springs including the famed Blue Lagoon where you can soak, get a spa treatment and finish off the night with cocktails and dinner at the lagoon’s restaurant.

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Anne's friend Diane swimming with a manatee

4.     Crystal Rivers, Florida

It’s probably not a place you’ve ever heard as being a top travel destination, but it’s definitely a great 
vacation for animal lovers. If swimming with the manatees is on your bucket list (it’s on JunoActive 
president Anne Kelly’s list!), sign up for one of many tours available in the area to make your dream 
a reality. You can snorkel with manatees, learn all about their status as an endangered species, 
explore local wildlife under and above water, or take a private boat ride perfect for dolphin watching 
and catching gorgeous sunsets.

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Butchart Gardens

5.    Victoria and Vancouver Island, Canada

If you enjoy city sightseeing and outdoor adventures, Victoria and Vancouver Island in Canada is the 
ideal mix of both. Visit the historic Parliament Buildings in Victoria and take a guided tour of the 
neo-baroque buildings. If parliament is in session, you might even be able to sit in on a Legislative 
Assembly debate. The Royal British Columbia museum is another popular stop in Victoria, along 
with many restaurants and cafes. Once you’re ready to start exploring the outdoors, take a stroll 
through the famous Butchart Gardens or hike through the gorgeous Goldstream Provincial Park.

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