Tuesday, February 9, 2016

3 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Love is forever, especially between best friends. That’s why this year we’re celebrating Galentine’s Day. Coined by Leslie Knope on the show “Parks and Recreation,” February 13th is the day Leslie and her lady friends leave their significant others at home and “just kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”


Spending time with friends is crucial to our well-being – not to mention it’s really, really fun. But between work, endlessly driving kids to their social lives and taking care of things on the home front, it’s incredibly easy to forget to carve out time for your best pals. After all, are you really going to remember getting all your laundry finished or working an extra few hours on a Saturday in 10 years, or are you going to remember that amazing Galentine’s Day you spent celebrating with your best gal pals? I’d bet it’s the latter.

Here are 3 ways to celebrate to the fullest with your BFFs this February 13th.

Plan an Outside Adventure

Remember being a kid and playing outside with no real destination in mind (except not crossing the street) besides having fun outside? Channel your inner kid and go adventuring with your gals. Whether it’s hiking up a trail in the woods or putting together a game of kickball at the park, you’ll feel great being out in the open air with your friends talking about life, love and laughing–a lot. We know it’s winter and it’s cold out, but if you bundle up right it will feel just like June. Almost.

Perfect outfit: Fleece from head to toe

JunoActive Swimwear
Hotel Pool Party

Pool parties are fun no matter your age. Book a couple rooms with your friends at a local hotel with an indoor pool and swim to your heart’s content, make a makeshift water aerobics class or play some games you haven’t played since grade school. 

Perfect outfit: Swimsuit heaven

Movie Marathon

When’s the last time you got to sit around with your friends for a movie marathon? Have you been “meaning to watch that movie” for about 5 years? Take Galentine’s Day to watch every cheesy, sad, romantic, dramatic, action movie with your friends. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be ridiculously comfortable lounging in yoga pants with your friends.

Perfect outfit: Yoga, yoga, yoga!

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