Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Beating Breast Cancer and Leading an Active Life

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October is over, but that doesn't mean we can't continue the discussion about breast cancer awareness.

I just came back from my check up with my oncologist and I'm thrilled to report that all is good! I’m 7.5 years out from my breast cancer diagnosis, and I’m feeling great. As tough as the treatment was, I’m forever grateful that I live in a country and in an era where breast cancer deaths have been dropping steadily. All the hard work of so many people, doctors, survivors and loved ones who have brought attention to this potentially devastating disease is paying off. 

My doctor is a really wonderful man–one of those doctors who is always in the know with the latest ideas. Trends have come and gone since my diagnosis, but one thing that continues to be the best medicine: exercise and an active lifestyle. 

At my appointment, he stressed exercise as a way to help your body stay healthy. He says that although we don’t know exactly the mechanism, exercise somehow changes the metabolism to help the body fight off cancer—and to prevent cancer from occurring in the first place. There is a particularly strong correlation for breast cancer, but it also plays a positive role in many other forms of cancer.

He said there is no doubt that exercise has an immediate and positive effect. As a doctor, he is much more concerned that his patients get regular exercise than be constantly stressing over their weight.  He KNOWS that exercise works.

It was good to get that boost of motivation to continue exercising. I’ve been pretty consistent with a weight training class a couple of times a week, but I’ve been slacking off on the number of laps in the pool–time to ramp that back up a bit. 

Even though Breast Cancer Awareness month has come and gone, I invite you to continue spreading awareness for the cause by asking a friend to walk, bike, swim, or workout with you!       

                                                                                                           Anne Kelly, President

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