Friday, August 14, 2015

How JunoActive Made It To Africa

The Saga of the Traveling Pants 

Ever since I read Born Free, at the age of ten, the only place I ever wanted to go was Africa. And in 2002, I was finally going to fulfill my dream of visiting Africa.

I knew that since I was going to be in safari camps with limited laundry facilities, I needed to find easy to wash plus size clothing that was quick drying and comfortable. When I started shopping for the trip, I looked at the large outdoor stores and quickly found that the largest size they carried was a size 16. The manufacturers of trekking pants probably believed that Xtra Lovely, plus size ladies were not active. 

I was happy to find exactly what I was looking for in a nylon, moisture wicking, plus size pant in Olive and Sand colors at JunoActive – and thank goodness I did.
Once I had found the right clothing for my adventure, I took off with three of my friends. Our African adventure started in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s a beautiful city with amazing views of famous Table Rock Mountain and nice temperatures similar to San Francisco during their spring season. 

Next we moved to a private game reserve that bordered the famous Krueger Park in northeastern South Africa. This was the part of the trip that excited me the most, as I had always wanted to experience the natural side of Africa. 
Having dreamed of going to Africa for 40 years and having seen all the National Geographic and Animal planet programs on Africa, I was hoping the experience in the game reserve would live up to my expectations. And it did–hearing lions roaring outside of our hut the first night we were there was the thrill of a lifetime.
Africa JunoActive Pants
After Krueger Park, we traveled on to Victoria Falls in Zambia, then stopped in Botswana and eventually ended up back in Victoria Falls where we stayed at a place called Elephant Camp. We spent time the first day washing elephants so we would get used to being around them and they would get used to us. Then we rode the elephants into the bush as our game drive. It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip.

My trip to Africa exceeded all my expectations. Little did I know at the time that I would return to Africa six more times over the next several years–all with my favorite JunoActive pants. These have become my favorite active pants for traveling to warm climates, and I’m looking forward to our next adventure together!

Deborah Gillham

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