Friday, May 8, 2015

JunoActive Is Featured In

JunoActive was recently interviewed by to get our input on the topic of plus size runners. 

JunoActive in RunnersWorld.comWe couldn’t agree more with the article title, “Run in All Sizes: Your Guide to Plus-Sized Running Gear. You don’t have to be a stick figure to love running—or look hot doing it.” Some of the answers to the questions were used in the article, but not all of them. Here’s a look at the full interview from May 7th, 2015: 

What is JunoActive’s mission and how does it serve plus-sized women in a way activewear companies traditionally haven’t?

The world is full of activewear for the masses – suddenly there are a lot of large companies producing plus-size activewear. JunoActive’s mission started twenty years ago when president and founder, Anne Kelly, had a hard time finding functioning, plus-size activewear. She realized the market lacked high performing athletic fashion for plus size women. Her envy and inspiration came from looking at her husband’s marathon gear. Kelly recalls, “I wondered why I could only find baggy sweat pants to wear. I wanted activewear that contributed to my workouts, that helped me perform, who wouldn’t? So from its inception, JunoActive has used high quality fabrics and design which boost the feel and performance for our customers.” The other part of the mission is to focus only on the plus-size market. JunoActive is tailored specifically for women size XL to 6X. Kelly explains, “All products are sized on actual, curvy, wonderful women who come to the corporate office to help us create patterns. It means the end product fits better than a plus-size pair of leggings that was initially fit for someone a size 8 and then just made bigger each size up from there. Every aspect of our apparel is chosen to increase performance and support every woman’s version of an active lifestyle. “

Why do you believe it is so important for plus-sized women to have access to technical running pieces in the same way smaller women have for decades? 

JunoActive adamantly believes ALL women deserve clothing that supports and enhances their activities throughout the day. Technical apparel helps with performance, by managing issues like sweat, which can be a problem for many women. Some companies use fabric with spray-on wicking, which can wear off over time. We use fabrics where the wicking technology is part of the fiber, providing advanced, longer-lasting wicking. We also design every product to include style along with athletic performance, so our customers can look good during a work out as well as on the way to coffee. Ultimately, that’s what every female wants – performance and styling – no matter what her activity or size! 

What makes Juno Active's pieces--apart from size--so great for plus-sized women? How are Juno Active's cuts and design elements (such as waistbands and drawstrings) unique? 

Our activewear is custom tailored for plus-size women; we look at every design aspect to make sure it performs. Both a 1X and a 4X model are used when we are making our patterns, assuring the fit of a piece stays consistent across all sizes. Special attention is given to the rise (length from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband) in all our bottoms, so the waistband hits correctly, giving the belly full coverage and support. We use wider elastic in our waistbands and then run two lines of stitching through them, so they lie flat and won’t roll. We use flatlock seaming on all products for no chafing. The fibers in our fabrics tend to be slightly thicker, to prevent transparency and add compression. The best product advantage for JunoActive comes from outside of the company. Notes Kelly, “The biggest reason our products fit and perform so well is because of the twenty years of feedback we’ve received from our customers. They have been so gracious in sharing with us what is working for them and what isn’t, it really inspires and pushes us to make the best products possible.” 

What advice would you give to plus-sized women who are trying to find the most comfortable and flattering running apparel pieces for their bodies?

Look for products with good quality fabrics, they are the crucial part of high-performing athletic wear. If something feels uncomfortable during a workout, it’s distracting. No one wants to lose focus during a workout. Look at sizing charts and measure yourself, so you can find the best fit for you. Try different items and when you find a style that fits well and performs, buy it in every color!

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