Sunday, May 3, 2015

10 Most Unusual Fashion Models

Proof that beauty is seen everywhere, 

in everybody.

The above video shows models whom if they believed society's idea of what is beautiful, they never would be where they are today. Featuring everything from a war veteran who's humvee ran over a roadside bomb, to an indemand transgender model named Lea T. who is the face of a global cosmetics brand that you might've heard of: Redken. 

Lea T
Lea T., a transgender model,  on the cover of Elle Magazine.
Lea T
Lea also models for Givenchy.

You have a body. You always will. 

Make your own unique kind of peace with it.

Plus Size Fashion
Tess Munster, first model of her size signed to a prof. modeling company.

Jillian Mercado
Jillian Mercado, a fashion blogger turned model with cerebral pulsy and muscular dystrophy.

Alex Minsky
Alex Minsky, a former marine who lost his right leg in Afghanistan.

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