Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We're Turning 20!

We're Turning 20!


JunoActive is celebrating its 20th year in the fashion industry! We are rather proud of being one of the true pioneers in this industry that has brought styles and options to plus size women size 14 and up. It’s only recently that the plus sizes have begun to make their mark on the fashion industry, and we have something to say about that….IT’S ABOUT TIME! With modeling agency IMG signing five plus sized models just this year and London Fashion Week including an entirely plus size show, I think it’s safe to say that companies are finally starting to get it. After all, how could the fashion industry ignore 67% of the female population in America for so long? Is it true that companies and designers are so superficial that the majority of consumers out there purchasing would not even be considered? That the clothing on our runways won’t fit the majority of the people we are trying to sell them to?

It was on this basis that Junonia, now JunoActive, came to life 20 years ago. One plus size woman wanted to start working out, and instead ended up changing her path in life forever. She couldn’t find anything to wear to the gym, just like so many others who have put on their sweat pants before her, wishing they made that cute black and grey combo that she saw someone else wearing in her size.

JunoActive Yoga Wear

If you want something in today’s modern world, sometimes you have to go out there and create it. So here we are now, a couple decades down the road, and we too have evolved and changed. We’ve gone from catalogs to internet, checkbooks to e-commerce and good, to something pretty great. At JunoActive we are constantly focused on our customer and what it is that she would want. Just like us, she is also changing and evolving. One thing I always hear is still to this day that plus sized swim suits, that look and feel good are not easy to find. Which is why we are launching swimwear collections this year that we never would've imagined being available in the plus size industry 20 years ago. We are also going to be announcing another big face lift to the company and a revamping of our brand and image that will go along with the confidence we find in today’s plus size women. We should all be proud to be a part of this movement that is leading women of all sizes, shapes and colors towards self acceptance and inner peace.

Where were you twenty years ago?

Better yet, what were you wearing 20 years ago? Go ahead and post a picture below if you have one and are brave enough!

We can’t wait to see where fashion leads us in the next 20 years, but we really hope it’s in the direction of the world’s first perfect pair of plus size jeans!

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