Saturday, February 7, 2015

Staff Pick of the Week

Staff Pick of the Week:

JunoActive Serenity Long Sleeve V Neck Top 

If I could rename this shirt, I would call it "Butter". It is made from some of the softest Italian fabric I have ever felt. No wonder it's called "Serenity" fabric. Even though the Serenity Line was made more for it's function and less for it's fashion, you definitely could've fooled me. This v-neck is so silky and soft to the point it reminds me of butter. No kidding, butter. I want to sleep in it, wear it to workout in, to work, the grocery store, you name it. It goes beyond casual comfort in my book, and just when you can't get over how it feels, you realize just how functional the material really is. It's breathable, keeps me dry, and doesn't make me look or feel bulky, even when wearing it underneath as a base layer. It's got just the right amount of stretch and allows me to move freely no matter what activity I'm doing. It also has cute thumbholes that I utilize during the cold months, especially when I put another long sleeve top or jacket over it. The final thing I love about this shirt is the fit of the sleeves. Often when I try on shirts, the sleeves are just too tight. This is especially true for longer sleeved shirts. I’m a pear shaped woman, so my arms would not be considered bulky by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a theory that those clothes with those little arm holes are fitted on a model either with no arms, or little T-Rex arms.

I mean, do the designers slip a cheesy bread stick into the empty arm sleeve during production to make sure it “fits”? Do they quickly approve the style so they can go back to their office party? Having a fit model that has bread sticks for arms makes for a very touching story, using greasy food to fit sleeves strikes me as being very unprofessional. Bottom line is, they are making clothing for the masses and usually a plus size line is an afterthought.

They've been designing a size 6 their whole professional career and don't know the first thing about what works on a plus size woman's body. That's why I love working for JunoActive. The whole focus here is about the fit in each and every piece, in each and every size. The Junowear® Serenity Long Sleeve V Neck Top was fitted on a plus size fit model to ensure a perfect sleeve that does not constrict movement, feels great on and looks even greater. I highly recommend getting one, next you'll want to know, "What other items come in this material?"

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