Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting Started at The Gym - Again

It is so hard to get started going to the gym. I had gone to a gym for years in the past, I even had personal trainers to motivate me. After I got started, my mom and I would go 3 times a week. It was so much easier to go when I had a gym buddy. Then she got very ill and wasn’t able to go. Then I got injured and could hardly walk. So, I made myself go 3 times a week to aqua class. I loved it! After my surgeries, I didn’t feel comfortable going back to anything but aqua class. Then I started working full time again and my gym routine fell apart. 

"Find a friend with a similar schedule and motivation"

After a while, I met a friend who is very fitness oriented. He has diabetes and regulates it with diet and exercise. He has to work out in order to help control his disease. He encouraged me to start back at the gym. So we started meeting after work at the gym. He helped me with the weights, introducing me to different routines and exercises. We made it a regular activity-meeting at the gym. Now I go with him or by myself. I make it to the gym 3-4 times per week. It has been a part of my routine now for almost a whole year! 

I feel better and eat better when I work out regularly.  I have even lost some weight. I can tell because my clothes fit differently. My body has become sculpted from my weight training. Weight lifting is a big part of my routine and I feel it gives me more energy. The more I go to the gym the more I move easier and with greater flexibility. I have made it a priority to give myself gym time for my health.

For me, a gym partner is very important. It doesn’t have to be the gym-walk, play tennis, hike-choose an activity that you both like to do. Find a friend with a similar schedule and motivation such as yourself.  Make a commitment to each other that you will go 3 times per week.  Schedule a day & time that works for both of you. Then if one of you starts to slide you are each other’s motivator. You can tell them, “No we made plans to go to the gym at that time.” If something comes up, then reschedule a day/time to make up for the missed session. I have found it is very helpful to make the commitment to a friend so that you don’t just say to yourself---ahhh not today!

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