Friday, August 29, 2014

Plus Size Instagram Shutting Down

After almost two years we say farewell to an inspiring community of plus size fashion enthusiasts. The instagram-like mobile photo sharing social media is closing its virtual doors on August 31st, 2014 due to lack of funding. For those of you unfamiliar with the site, BeauCoo inspired plus sized women to share fashion finds from all over the world in a body positive, judgement free environment.

The best thing about BeauCoo was the lack of pictures of your friend's breakfast burrito they "made themselves," and no pictures of babies and puppies that are a constant spam on Instagram. I'm not saying that I hate the irreplaceable mundane pictures of my friend's lives, but my mind is already full of garbage. BeauCoo provided a comprehensive shopping experience with real pictures of real people.

We all know that the mass amount of published media is edited, airbrushed, and altogether fake. The unrealistic standards demanded for women's body image is almost kitsch. While most of us understand that models are glorified for perfection, the constant spam of imagery can have a lasting impression on women. BeauCoo will be missed for the uncensored real models that willingly shared their size in order to make finding fashionable clothing easier for the plus size woman. I can only hope that the contributing members of will remember the real. Maybe, someday, another bopo fashion community will arise for the fabulous plus girl.

Ally P.
Graphic Designer & Social Media Supervisor
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