Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wear Test While HulaHooping


At JunoActive we think it’s important to personally wear test any new fabrics we consider.  We do this to not only check the feel and function of a fabric, but to make sure that it still looks good after repeated washes and wears. 
Recently I decided to do a wear test to answer two questions:
  1.  Does this great feeling new SoftWik™ fabric we are testing perform as nicely as fabrics we are already using?
  2. If I hula hoop in front of our office building, will I get chased away by geese?

I went outside the front office door to do my wear test.  Just outside the door, there were two geese.  We sized each other up for a few moments to assess the situation. When I finally felt safe, I started hula hooping.  I’ll admit to feeling awkward, but the geese just looked confused.  After watching me for a few tense minutes, they slowly wandered away. Although I came out the victor in this battle of wills, I would not try this if I saw baby geese around.
As for the SoftWik™fabric, I was very impressed with how comfortable it felt when worn and how well it wicked my sweat away.  Although I’m happy with the fabric so far, I will need to do more wear and wash testing to make sure it meets our high quality standards. 

What will be my next test?  Maybe I’ll go running with the bulls…then again, maybe I’ll just go for a brisk walk with the squirrels.

Renae R.
Technical Designer

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