Monday, December 16, 2013

Project Bendypants is a Plus Size Snow Bunny

Junonia Clothing Review, Snow Bunny Anorak Ski Jacket

This review will convince you that you probably need a new winter jacket even if you do not live in the Minnesota tundra.
Thanks Project Bendypants! You look so cute in your new Snow Bunny Jacket.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Plus Size Ski Tips By TheSkiDiva

This week we are visited by Wendy Clinch,, the leading online community for women who ski. She gives us some tips for enjoying Holiday Skiing this year. And don't forget to pickup your plus size ski jacket at

How to enjoy holiday skiing.

For a lot of people, Christmas Week isn't complete without skiing. You're off from work, the fam is all together, and besides, you have those vacation days you have to use up. Nonetheless, this isn't the easiest time to be out on the mountain. There are loads of like-minded individuals who are going to be there, too. But if you're determined to ski this week, there are a few things you can do to make it more fun:
Start early: I know it's vacation time. But really, the earlier you start skiing, the better the snow. So while a lot of people are still in bed nursing their hangovers, make an effort to be out there when the lifts start spinning. Really, you get out of bed early for work and that's a heck of a lot less fun. I know you can do it.
Dress for the weather: This seems so basic, but it’s something a lot of people forget. If you’re not dressed properly, you won’t want to ski. So choose a jacket that’s warm, windproof, and waterproof. Dress in layers. Don’t wear cotton baselayers or socks (when they get wet, they stay wet. And that can make you even colder). And if you do get cold, take a break, go inside, and have some hot chocolate. That’s nice, too.
Lock your skis: Don't let the beautiful surroundings lull you into a false sense of security. Yes, there are some nasty characters around, and yes, they have their eye on your skis. Well, on anyone's skis for that matter. I can't fathom how these sleazebags get their jollies making off with someone else's equipment, but somehow they do. Ebay is full of them. So if you're going into the lodge, lock up your equipment. You'll save yourself a lot of pain, and maybe put the sleazies out of business.
Bring your lunch: Unless you have a hankering for a hamburger that tastes like cardboard and is made from God knows what, this is really the way to go. Food at ski resorts doesn't just taste bad, it can cost a small fortune. So bring your own, save big bucks, and eat a lot healthier.
Try the singles line: If you need a break from your friends and family, this is definitely the faster way to get up the mountain. Besides, you never know who you'll end up on the lift. Hey, it could be Brad Pitt under that face mask!
Leave plenty of time: For EVERYTHING. Renting equipment, buying lift tickets, parking. It's all going to take longer, especially if you have kids. Recognize this. Embrace it.  If you do, it'll keep your blood pressure down.
Have Fun: This seems so basic, but a lot of people forget to enjoy themselves, especially since skiing during the holidays can be full of frustrations -- the lift lines, the crowds on the slopes (I don't need to go on, do I?). Realize there are lots of things you can't control, and decide at the outset that you're going to have a good day. Your attitude can make a big difference not just in your own enjoyment, but in the enjoyment of those around you. Keep your cool, revel in the moment, and remember, it’s just skiing.
'Tis the season and all that. Peace, love, and happy holidays.
Wendy Clinch

Be sure to visit, an online community especially for women skiers, where women skiers can connect with one another to talk about everything and anything ski-related.

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