Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Where are JunoActive women vacationing?


Where are JunoActive women vacationing?

What a diverse set of customers we have!   There was absolutely NO common thread in the answers  to our question, but there WAS a shared joy of life and enjoyment of quality time spent with family and friends.  Some people couldn’t travel this year due to health, family or economic constraints, but almost everyone was looking forward to the next adventure, near or far.  I hope you will enjoy reading this list as much as we did putting it together.  
And remember to pack a JunoActive swimsuit and QuikWik workout outfit wherever your travels take you.  

Foreign Travel
South Africa
Trans Canada Train Trip
Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Maritimes
Greece, Malta Italy and Ireland
Acapulco, Mexico
Scotland and England
Soandish/French Pyrenees
Costa Rica
Domican Republic
Australia and Fiji
Hong Kong and Macau
South America
Kenyan Safari

USA Travel
Sequoia and Yesmite National Parks
San Francisco, Monterey and Napa   
North Carolina Outer Banks
Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles
The Vineyard
Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico
San Jose, Puerto Rico
Hilton Head, Anna Maria Island, Myrtle Beach
Florida in the Winter
North Shore of Lake Superior
Gulf Shore, Destin
Sightseeing in the North East
Walt Disney World
Florida Keys for snorkeling
Cruising the Carribean, Hawaii and Alaska
Vegas and Lake Havasu
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Colorado’s Grand Tetons
The Boardwalk at Atlantic City
New Orleans
The White Mountains of the Carolinas
The Poconos
Utah for hiking
The US Virgin Islands
The Grand Canyon
The Smoky Mountains
New York and Chicago
General Travel Themes
The Beach, Beach, Beach
Staycation!  Redoing the Kitchen
The Cabin
The Lake
Wedding Trip
The Mountains
Kinds of Vacations
Yoga Retreat
Golf Vacation
Ski Trip
Scuba Diving
Tango Week
Dude Ranch
Flower & Garden Show
Ladies Trip
Dog Sledding
Visting  Friends
Seeing Justin Timberlake
Museums and Art Classes
Fitness Resort
Tennis Vacation
Road Trip!
Quilt Retreat
Spa Resort

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sleep Your Way to Fitness

Sleep Your Way to Fitness

Sounds like a late night commercial, right?
But the truth is we don’t get enough sleep.
Research shows that people who get the full 8 hours a night are sharper, more relaxed, less prone to illness, and actually do better at losing weight.
And if you are physically active, you need rest to restore and recover. 
If you’ve been cranky and unmotivated to work out, ask yourself how many hours a day have you been sleeping?  If it’s less than 8, try an experiment.  Take a week and get a full 8 hours a night.  (Naps count!)  See how you feel. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Serendipity in the Woods

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Serendipity in the Woods
Trail Dames
Serendipity is defined as a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise”.
Six years ago, I created Trail Dames, a hiking club for women of a curvy nature. As it grew and grew, we went on to add The Summit-a hiking and backpacking conference for women that is now in its third year.  Along the way, thousands of women from all over the country have found their paths crossing through Trail Dames, The Summit and our mutual love of the outdoors.
So what does this have to do with serendipity, you ask?
Imagine four women in the woods…Carla from New Orleans and myself from Atlanta, hiking south on the Appalachian Trail.  Regina, a ridge runner, and Renee, who walked over 850 miles to get to this impromptu meeting.
 We all already knew each other.  Carla and Regina were guest speakers at the Summit last year. They have both committed themselves to creating organizations focused on getting women outdoors and empowering themselves. Regina is also a ridge runner for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and a Hike Leader for the Trail Dames.  Renee, now known as Pathfinder, is a woman from Ohio who had come to the very first Summit two years ago. She had never backpacked before then, and now she is over 850 miles into a 2,200-mile northbound thru hike.  Oh, and she is also a Trail Dame.  How cool is that?!
Here we were, two days walk from the nearest road, meeting in the woods.  We sat in a circle, making our dinners on small backpacking stoves and smiling as we shared stories.  Carla and Renee prepared special freeze dried desserts from their backpacks and we comfortably stretched out and talked as the sun started to go down.  I looked around and realized that I was so proud to be a part of this. To know these amazing women, to be so comfortable out here in the woods, and to share in something that we all love so much.  It really was magic.
And as far as serendipity goes, it doesn’t get much better than that.
Want to meet these women and find your own outdoor community? Check out these links: