Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Next Chapter in My Life by Jennifer Nelson

 Make sure to stop by JunoActive to stock up on activewear if you are feeling as inspired as we are by Jennifer Nelson! 


JunoActive ActivewearThink about free weights.  They start out at the small 2 lbs. and usually end up at 50 lbs.  Those larger free weights would intimidate anyone.  While I have never see anyone lift them, I use them as a reminder.  Just over a year and a half ago, I used to carry that extra weight around on my body…Times 4

400 lbs. is what it took for me to say it was time to stop.  I was three times the size in which I should be, and I was slowly killing myself.  I was slowly showing the world I did not care about my future.  I realized I loved myself too much to allow it to continue in the next chapter of my life. 

Anytime someone is faced with change in the core of his or her lifestyle, there typically is an adverse reaction.  We want to rebel, cheat, make excuses, and find the easy way.  That is what you see advertised everywhere: “Take this supplement”, “Cleanse for the weekend with lemon water”, “I only ate one meal today…at McDonalds”.

When getting live a life of well-balanced health, there are no secrets.  You have to be committed on doing the basics in your life: eat real, clean food - get your heart rate up daily by doing a variety of different physical activities – recognize unhealthy habits as such to remove them from you routine. 

Being 170 lbs. lighter now and reflecting on the journey I am still in, I have to tell you there is nothing easy about changing yourself.  There are times in which you will slip up, but that is okay.that is why the victory is greater.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Bring it Back!

Every woman has had that experience of finding just the perfect piece of clothing, then going back to stock up –and never being able to find it again!
As we are re-stocking our collection at JunoActive by Junonia, we thought we’d simply ask you, our wonderful customers, what great past products deserve to make a comeback. Many of your requests are in the pipeline already: cotton/lycra leggings and tops, more plus size tops, powerplay/tennis skirts and dual shorts, more swim styles and more colors and prints. There were quite a few requests for plus size dressy and work clothes. We always design for "cross-over" appeal, but our first job is to make sure plus size women have clothes that make being active a joy.
Here is your wish list for things to bring back! We are listening and plan to incorporate many of these ideas going forward. Thank you for your contributions. Keep watching!
  • Bring back the heavyweight, soft, classic seashell tee!
  • Bring back the Loosefit Legging in that great soft fabric and colors. Also add petites and talls and apples.
  • Add more cup and support options to your swimwear
  • Keep your swimwear in stock!!!
  • Bring back swim shorts and skirts without liners, also coverup "board shorts."
  • Recall Denim jeans in all shapes from legging style to the full leg corner packet jean. Capris and shorts, too. Bring back light blue denim color.
  • Soft brushed stretch twill pants.
  • "I loved the philosophy heathered tees "Live, Laugh,Love’"
  • Bring back the original super jersey fabric
  • More necklines, from polos to split necks to jewel necks to quarter zippers
  • As many sizes and fit options as possible: apple, pear, long torso, pear, wide legs, talls, petites.
  • Stretch camping gear, jackets, zip off pants.
  • Bicycling padded shorts and pants.
  • More bra options, cami with built in zipper bra, lace cami.
  • Lighter sweatshirts and French knit tops
  • Travel clothing
  • Great undies in all kinds of fabrics, and bring back support undies. Lace underbikes.
  • Tummy support stretch pants
  • More fashion details on current styles, like button detail on super jersey capris
  • PJs, flannel pants with pockets,
  • Jackets, denim quilted, reversible quilted, cotton quilted, nylon or gortex shell jacket
  • Great workout pants but no side stripes
  • Technical fabrics like the windproof pants and stretch fleece lined leggings.
  • Tennis sweaters
  • Sleeveless options for golf and workout, one with back zip pocket
  • Bring back the Yogatard!
  • Baselayer underwear
  • Freshness and Fashion details
  • 32" tops, 34" tops and some shorter tops, too.
  • Great old fabrics like velour, travel elite, seersucker.