Monday, November 11, 2013

Mud Run Mud Fun

This week we got a blog entry from Andrea. JunoActive sponsored her team in the Lozilu 5k mud run for cancer in Minnesota. Her inspiring story tells us that sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to support the ones you love. And that getting dirty can be fun exercise. Way to go Andrea!

Andrea (far right) after running 5k in the mud
"My friends asked me if I wanted to participate in a mud run back in April.  I wasn’t sure, but it was for a good cause-to raise money for lymphoma and leukemia patients. This was a cause near to my heart. My mom had gone through two bouts of lymphoma within 1 ½ years and rounds of chemotherapy.  Since the lymphoma came back so quickly, her doctor wanted her to have a stem cell transplant to hopefully destroy the cancer cells. After a three week stay in the hospital she was home in February.
So, when my friends asked me to run I had to do it.  I had never done anything like this, I wasn’t sure what to expect. sponsored us for the event. The pic of our T-shirt is below, as well as pics before and after the event.

It was all in fun. They had many obstacles along the way, walking through slews, and walking/running through the muddy trails.  It took about 1 ½ hours to complete the course. At the end, they had black mud pits that you could crawl around in if you hadn’t had enough mud yet. Then to wash up-the choice was either go run into the pond to rinse off, or use the hoses that were dribbling water. My friends and I had a great time helping each other through the obstacles and laughing along the way.
It was a wonderful experience and I will most likely make it a yearly event. The most fantastic news of all; 2 days after the event, my mother was officially in remission!  So far so good!"

Submitted by Andrea 
Find more info about the mud run at

JunoActive sponsors lozilu mud run
JunoActive sponsors lozilu mud run

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