Monday, November 4, 2013

Get Away From It All

This week we go on vacation with one of our bloggers on a Carnival Cruise. The cruise went to the Grand Cayman Islands, Roatan, Belize and Costa Maya. Janet tells us all about how accepted and loved she felt being apart of the people and places she visited. Of course, she brought along her JunoActive's swimsuit on the cruise. Below, she tells us how it helped her feel more at ease and comfortable sitting on the beach or by the pool.


"That was such a fun day! What a special place. It must be filled with the happiness of all the people who have played there, walked there, sung there, danced there, loved there. And, now our laughter will blend into the mix to add another dimension to its song. I wonder how many visitors choose to hear its unique and rhythmic voice -- the voice of peace and harmony; the voice of joy.

I had forgotten that there were places that could make us feel so good about ourselves, about life. It was really magical to just sit back and relax and allow the day to happen. I believe that allowing the cruise to take me so far away from daily pressures and thoughts has change me somehow, made my world a better place to be in. At the very least, I feel so much more relaxed and that is a wonderful thing. It was like a gift, all wrapped up with the colors of life, of friendship.

We should take more time to get away from the busy lives we create for ourselves, to find another way of looking at things and to just take in the beauty of a place so far removed from our normal environment. I hope I can do something so special for you, one day.

Thank you so much for helping me find the magic. "

- Janet

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