Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fighting Bike Loss with a Foldable Bike

If you are feeling inspired by Junonia's new blogger Catherine make sure you have the right workout attire, whether its for the gym, biking, or even just walking around town.

 Fighting Bike Loss with a Foldable Bike
The Curvy CyclistAfter thirty five bike thefts over the years, I opted to make an investment in a foldable bike by Dahon. if you leave your bike unattended for over five hours, it gets stolen, dismantled or tampered with in some way!!  I used to joke that you had to have a bike to be a delivery person in the city, so I said that I gave 35 people jobs…  You gotta keep a sense of humor.  The price was a bit prohibitive, $650, but when I tally up all the bikes stolen since 1982, I would have saved about $5,000 if I had done that early on.  I fought buying a foldable bike not only because of the price tag but because I felt like I would look like a refugee from a circus act riding it. 
I researched the various brands and wound up buying a foldable bike that weighs about 28 pounds.  I bought a bike bag to put my bike in as hoisting it up on your shoulder gives you much more leverage than carrying it satchel style.  I have to walk up two flights of stairs too, so I need the “containment” and the shoulder strap to protect my shins.  I get my upper body work that way, too.
I always hear the reprimand, “It’s awfully dangerous with all the traffic…”  Yes, it is but that’s part of getting up your nerve, acting like you are a moving vehicle and obeying the laws of the road.  I run the occasional red light, even go the wrong way on a one way street, and even take my bike on the sidewalk when there is a major traffic jam.  I confess to all these infractions.  I just don’t do them on a regular basis.  And I have a ‘bossy bell’.  So much better than yelling at people!!!  I have a bell that sounds like a bell, too.  Something recognizable that can pierce through earbuds.  I have learned the city back and forth, up and down, east and west, north and south, too.   
Please write to me with your comments and tell me how you embed exercise into your daily routine of life.  I hope you’ll share your stories of biking with me.  I’ve inspired so many people to bike that I’ve probably been instrumental in selling at least a dozen of these Dahon bikes to curiosity seekers who stop and ask me how I like the foldable bike. 

Yours in health and motion,
The Curvy Cyclist
Catherine Schuller
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