Monday, April 22, 2013

Junonia's new blogger Catherine

If you are feeling inspired by Junonia's new blogger Catherine make sure you have the right workout attire, whether its for the gym, biking, or even just walking around town.

I get around.  And as a curvy girl on a bike with the extra wide seat, (which just barely accommodates my ample cheeks) I can actually say I do get AROUND….yeah that old joke applies to my mode of transportation as well.  I can’t believe how long I’ve actually been doing this.  I can say I’ve been using a bicycle to get around Manhattan since the early 80s!! 

How it All Started
Way back when in the early 80s….I had begun sessions with a trainer at a gym who told me I had to figure out a way to embed ten extra hours of cardio into my week.  In those days I was modeling and attending dance class everyday and going to the gym on occasion.  Living in Manhattan, in those days without a car, everyone walked everywhere as they still do.  Even with all that activity, I still had to bump up my calorie burning quotient!!  I went on a bike ride with my trainer one afternoon and even with the city traffic scaring the be-jesus out of me, the car doors opening, the cabbies darting from lane to lane, I was hooked.  I began to get around from go-sees (interviews for modeling jobs) and castings by bike and sometimes that took me down to the bottom of Manhattan and up to the garment center and back down to the photo district.  I was clocking about 40 miles a week all tolled.  And something started to happen…I dropped inches, toned up my derriere and legs, was more mentally alert and slept like a baby at night.    Yes, I was glistening when I arrived at my destination if it was a warm day, but I don’t perspire that much and walking around the city can make you glow anyway.  Biking is an intense aerobic activity (my target heart rate can get up to 150), but at least there is a breeze!! 

I don’t have any special workout gear I need except I love biking shorts under dresses and find the chafing is decreased and the wicking ability in the bike short fabric keeps me rash free.  I love Junonia’s QuickWik© Bike Shorts.  They hold me in and if the wind blows when I am wearing my skirt, all modesty aside, I am covered.

So that’s my intro to you as the Curvy Cyclist.  Stay tune for more updates and tales from the handlebars!!  I will report my trials and tribulations, adventures and thrills and hopefully not too, too many spills.  I’ve learned to fall and never break a bone, but that’s another blog in and of itself.

Yours in health and motion,
The Curvy Cyclist

Catherine Schuller

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