Monday, April 15, 2013

How old is ‘Too Old’?


 Read all about how Anna Huthmaker shares with JunoActive by Junonia on how to stay young at heart.

What do you think? How old is ‘too old’ to swing on a swing set?  Climb a tree? Or better yet….roll down a hill? My heart says that I am never too old to do any of these things, but sometimes, my head does get the better of me. For instance, when it comes to climbing a tree, I want to feel the bark scrape my palms and the sap stick under my fingernails. I want to swing my legs up over branches and scramble higher and higher, until that wonderful feeling of escape and adventure overwhelms me.
JunoActiveBut then I think to myself….I am 45 years old, overweight, and not particularly agile. I can just hear the 5 o’clock news caster now…”In local news tonight, middle-aged, suburban woman, Anna Huthmaker, is rescued from a tree while trying to recapture her youth.”
 Yep, that might be a bit embarrassing. 
However, a little research shows that I am not the only adult to feel this way!  In fact, there is a method of tree climbing that is safe and available to everyone.  So, of course, the Trail Dames had to try it out!  Ropes, pulleys and a foot loop all combine to get even the most reluctant climber up in the canopy.  You can swing from branch to branch and get in touch with your inner Tarzan (or Jane, as the case may be) to your heart’s content.
So, I guess the answer to “how old is too old” is….there is no such thing!!  Want to try a little tree climbing yourself? Go to and enjoy the wonder of seeing the view from the tree tops. (And while you are at it….roll down a hill or two…  ) 
  -Anna Huthmaker

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