Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rules for Patterns for Plus Size Women

by Anne Kelly:

Rule #1:  Trust your Eye    Sometimes a pattern that is quite loud can be fabulous if it has a certain “swirl” or “movement” to it.  Try everything that appeals to you, but check it out in a mirror to make sure it works.  Look for sophisticated prints with depth and richness.  Avoid overly simple prints that call look juvenile or wall-paperish.

Rule #2:  Horizontals must be treated carefully.  Look for micro stripes and medium to medium tones that can add a texture to a fabric.  Keep a horizontal stripe to an accent.  Look for dynamic striping instead, vertical, asymmetrical, diagonal, color blocked.

Rule #3:   Find the scale that works for you.  If you are tall, you can go with large scale prints that would overwhelm a shorter woman.  Mix a large scale print with a solid for a bold statement.
Rule #4:  Explore.  Try non-patterns that work as patterns, such as the newest tie dyes.    And two patterns that work perfectly together are wonderful.  Again, trust your eye!

Rule #5:  Accessorize with pattern.  Even if you always wear black, add drama with bold patterns in scarves, purses, tote bags, even your water bottle.  
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