Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learn About Clothing Grading: Why It Is Important for a Perfect Fit

By: Tori Stiles

Ever wonder why clothing does not fit the same across all brands?  And even why some brands have different fits between sizes?  One reason is that each brand uses real people as fit models.  They find people that match their size criteria, but as we all know, the human body is variable, so each brand has a slightly different fit.    Most brands use a size 4 or 6 fit model.  At Junonia, we use a full size 1X fit model.
Junonia started the company with research on plus size women, and we adjusted the sizing to better fit the full-figured woman.  With our research and lots fine tuning, the ideal Junonia woman was identified, and we have found fit models that come very close to that ideal.  This vision guides the fit for all apparel on the Junonia website.  Whether she is an XL, 3X, or 6X; the clothing on the model is proportionate for all sizes. 

So What is “Grading?”
The research and fit model result in a perfect size 1X that is our base size.  From there, the grading process allows the garment to be mathematically adjusted for each size in length & width. 
By following established grade rules, Junonia ensures that all shirts fit the same way.  If you wear size 1X in 419029, then you should also wear a size 1X in 448023.   The same can be said for bottoms, swimwear, and outerwear.  All of the Junonia Private label clothing is designed and manufactured to Junonia’s strict quality and size standards.

It also means that each size should have the same fit and appearance of the 1X.  If you purchase the 397503 Center Seam V-Neck Tunic Length Tee, it will have the same fit features from size to size.  The overall garment length grows about 4” from size XL – 6X.  This length is spread out evenly between sizes and ensures that the garments fit the same for each size.

That’s why you always look great in Junonia.  And not all companies are as careful with grading as Junonia.  For example, we really watch armholes carefully so they don’t’ get too big, and rises so they don’t get too long!  Here’s a short list of other things we watch carefully to give you the most comfort and the best appearance:
  • Short sleeves ending just above the elbow
  • Long tunic length ending mid thigh
  • Non- clingy fit around the bust, waist, and hips
  • Slimming Center seam

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