Thursday, July 19, 2012

The True Fashionista in the Gym

The True Fashionista in the Gym
Fashion is really about expressing oneself in a beautiful way.  Nothing is more beautiful than a woman just at the end of her workout.  It doesn’t matter what she is wearing! 

Working out and exercising is the ultimate personal experience, so dress for yourself.  At work, at the dance club, at your wedding, out shopping, you are dressing to impress others. Keep the gym, or wherever your exercise, your own personal experience. The only effect you really want is to feel great. 

Here are some ideas:

Choose the colors that brighten your spirit, and give you energy.  Basic black is fine, and on the bottoms it is definitely slimming, but my favorite pair of workout capris is light purple.  I just like the way my legs look when I am on my back doing leg lowers in boot camp. It makes me smile to see those crazy capris and keeps me going.

I like to wear crazy socks. You know all those funky Christmas gifts?  I wear them.  I even buy them!  My favorites are my beagle socks and my mountain goat socks from Glacier.  They feel nice, and I’ve had more fun conversations because of them.  When I put my clothes in my gym bag, I often start with my socks and coordinate the other items to them. 
What’s your fun thing?  Headbands?  Electronics?  Tees with messages? 

The goal is to feel great, so don’t compromise on things that fit.  If you are doing yoga, make sure everything is Uber-stretchy. (If you are busty, a controlling sport bra is a must.)  You’ll be amazed how fast your body will get limber and fitter, and you’ll want to go the full range of motion!  Buy things that are lightly controlling and comfortable--not constricting.  But don’t go too loose.  A great look for all sizes is a slim bottom and a longer, looser top.

I have a range of fabrics that I choose depending on the workout.  For a shorter, easier workouts I love cotton/spandex and a simple tee. They are my favorites for walking.  But if I’m going to be working out hard, or if I’m going to hike or bike or work up a sweat, it’s all wicking for me.  They keep me cooler when I start to sweat and I really like that!  

Don’t skimp on quality.  I find myself mixing my workout gear into my entire wardrobe, from casual to work to travel, so don’t skimp on quality.  You’ll get your money’s worth!  Spending on oneself is hard for some women, but these are the most important clothing items in your wardrobe.  They send the message to you that your health is your priority.          

Express yourself freely.  Edit your workout clothes and keep those that make you feel good inside and out.  Set some workout goals and reward yourself.  Put a schedule on the bathroom mirror, or better yet, into your computer/phone schedule.  If you share your calendar, call your workouts something like “health consultation” and make sure that time is sacred.  Enhance your clothing with other tools and tricks to stay motivated.  New music for your iPod?  A new swim cap or goggles? The perfect gym bag?  If your motivation flags, it’s time for a fashion change-up.  Time to go shopping!   Socks anyone?

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