Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eat Like an Olympian

You might have seen the recent USA Today article on Olympian Garrett Weber-Gale.  He’s 26 and heading to the Olympic Trials this week to swim the 50 and 100 freestyle.  He hopes to make the team again.  (Remember that amazing relay in Beijing where Phelps swam first and Jason Lezak just out- reached at the end to get the gold in the 4X100?  Weber-Gale swam the second leg of that race.)

Surprisingly, in his sophmore year of college he was diagnosed with high blood pressure of 210 over 105.  He was told to not train or risk a stroke.  He was 19.  But he started researching  food, seeing a nutritionist and learning how to cook.  He found that better food meant better times in the water, as well as lower blood pressure.   As a result he founded the website,

We are all athletes in some sense. Our bodies come along to all our successes in life just as they do for Olympians.  So we can learn a lot from the top performers.  Weber-Gale doesn’t count calories, but focuses on putting the right stuff into his body.  He has gone to great lengths to learn from top chefs and have apprenticed around the globe.  His videos on this site are sensible and he is such an engaging guy on his videos, you’ll just want to run out and buy kale!  Bring his gold home to your kitchen!  
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