Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breaking All the (Fashion) Rules

Fashion Rules Worth Breaking:

#1 Wear what is “in fashion” to look good.   
Rule Breaker #1:  Only wear what makes you feel great.  Nothing is more attractive than confidence.

#2 Wear the hot colors of the season
Rule Breaker #2:  Trust your artistic eye.  Look in the mirror, and wear only those colors that make you glow.

#3  Have a lot of clothes to look great.
Rule Breaker #3:  A small wardrobe is an advantage.  Find those key items and wear them until they wear out!  Buy quality basics, then fill in with cheap and cheerful items for fun.  Less clothes mean less time worrying about what to wear, and less time taking care of clothing.  Give it away and enjoy the freedom.  

#4  There are rules of dressing that I need to follow, and I’ll look silly unless I follow them. 
Rule Breaker:  See #1 Confidence is key.  See #2 Trust your artistic eye.  Mix everything, have fun with your clothes, use your swim top at the gym, your gym top at work, your work top for going out-- you get the idea.  Enjoy that vintage jacket, borrow your sister’s jewelry, crochet your own hat.  Let your inner artist out!  Pretty sound you’ll be hearing people say, “Wow, you look great, I wish I could do that!”  (Then you can tell them about breaking the rules.)

Anne Kelly, President of active & casual plus size apparel 
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