Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You MUST Fail.

You MUST Fail.
 You can’t get anywhere without failing.  What?  Can that be right?

What worthwhile things have you ever learned that didn’t require failing first, and usually often?
  •  How did you learn to walk?  By falling.
  • How did you learn to speak a foreign language?  By making a fool of yourself.
  • How did you learn to sew?  By ripping out seam after seam.
  • How did you learn to love?  By hurting the person you love, apologizing and trying again.
  • How do you get stronger?  By pushing your muscle to the failure point.

 As we get older, we fail less, but only because we are not a child any longer, needing to learn almost everything, and all at once!  We also become good at applying past failures to new tasks.  But learning, growing, leading, being curious requires that we stay open to the possibility of failure along the way. 

I love the quote from business guru Tom Peters who said, “If you haven’t been fired at least once your life, you aren’t trying hard enough.”

There is no shame in failing.  The shame would be to waste our talents for fear of failing.

“You always pass failure on the way to success.”  Mickey Rooney
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