Thursday, June 28, 2012

Secrets to a New You

Secrets to a New You

The best place to look for a new you, is the old you!  Take out the scrapbook, the old yearbook, pictures from vacations and travels.  Look at you—aren’t you wonderful?  

Looks change, clothes change, the people around us may change.  But there is a special essence there that is just you, every step of your life.   

So to “re”-new yourself, a great place to start is to remind yourself of those things that have always been at the core of you.  Were you the naughty daredevil?  What have you done lately that pushes the boundaries?  Were you sassy?  How about letting your inner sassy out in dancing or writing?  Were you curious?  How are you satisfying your curiosity?

We all get in ruts, mostly just in our minds.  So taking a small action to get out of our rut, to get back in touch with our special self can blossom in ways you can’t predict.  Challenge yourself to make a small change outside of your normal routine each day for two weeks.  Think small but interesting. 

Here are some ideas to get you started: Take a different path to work.  Talk to a child.  Draw a picture.  Sing a song.  Skip.  Tell a joke.  Bring someone flowers.  Pick up trash. Call an old friend.  Rescue a dog or cat. Read a new magazine.  Take a day off from media. Eat a food you never thought you’d try. Rearrange the furniture.  Invite all your co-workers for ice cream cones. Shop somewhere new.

Think of those pictures of you as a youth.  What would she say to you today?  What small changes is she suggesting to you? Listen well. 

You just might find the new you, all over again!

Anne Kelly, President of active & casual plus size apparel 
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