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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fourth is the Loneliest Place in the Olympic Trials

Fourth is the Loneliest Place in the Olympic Trials

The track and field trials started  this past weekend and the performances were amazing.  But a rare tie for 3rd in the women’s 100 meters has officials in a tizzy.   US Track and Field officials found out they didn’t have a rule for how to break this tie, because only 3 can go on to the Olympics!   Luckily the two athletes involved are team mates with the same coach and hopefully each of them will find a spot in one the event s they are running. 

Allyson Felix is world champion and Olympic Silver Medalist at the 200meters.   Unless something astounding  happens she will likely make the 200 team.   But her teammate, Jeneba Tarmoh, who tied with her in the 100 is also running the 200!  This would be Jeneba’s first Olympics.  

The women’s 200 is Saturday June 30th so stay posted!  Exciting!  The Officials will have to decide who gets the third slot in the women’s 100 by July 1st, so let’s hope they both qualify!  Because fourth doesn’t go to the Olympics.
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