Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Escape with Your Date and Get Physical!

Escape with Your Date and Get Physical!
Another movie and dinner out?  Nice enough, but it can become oh so boring.  The next time he says, “What do you want to see?” you can say, “Let’s get physical!”    Here are some ideas people of different physical abilities can do together –and have fun doing it.

Lost.  Put on your walking shoes and enough money in your pocket for a taxi ride home, plus one extra penny.  Walk to the corner and flip the penny, heads go right, tails go left.  Flip at every corner until you are somewhere you have never been before.  You’ll be amazed at your own neighborhood.   If you like this game, try it when you are travelling, too!

Climbing walls. A hot trend is indoor climbing clubs.  Although the incredibly fit tend to congregate here, it’s for everybody.  You don’t need to go high, you can go sideways, too!  And remember, safety is #1 with anyone going high belted in so they can’t fall.  Take a private lesson together to learn the tips and tricks, then give it a try.  Once you have the basic techniques, it is about balance and figuring out the best way to get from A to B. You can each pick a route that suits. You’ll feel like a kid again! 

Rent a Segway. The Segway tours around town are really growing!  Rent one and see your town in an entirely new way.  They give you a helmet, instruction, a guide, and off you go!

Dance the Night Away.  You don’t need to be a pro to get on the floor and dance.  Many clubs offer instruction at the beginning of the night, and you can then practice all night long.  So many types of dance to choose from: Salsa has a simple step and is so sexy.  Irish dancing will have you laughing all night with friendly people.  Waltz and feel like Anna in the King and I.  Remember, you don’t need to look like dancing with the Stars, but you will feel like a star in the arms of your partner.

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