Friday, June 8, 2012

Celebrate the Transition from Spring to Summer

This year’s long extended spring feels luxurious.  So how to celebrate the longer days, the softer air, the birds returning to nest?  Something intensely natural seems to be in order.

  • Get thee to a park.  Research has shown that being in a natural environment is a sure-fire stress-reducer.   People who get outdoors are also stronger advocates for the environment.  There are probably local parks you’ve been driving by day after day.  Stop in for a walk, or a brisk sit on a bench.  Celebrate with 10 minutes of concentrated quiet and see what you notice.
  • The longest day.  Get up at the crack of dawn and don’t come inside until sundown on the solstice, June 21th.  Interestingly, you’ll have to look up the LONGEST day of the year in your location because it varies!  Whatever day you pick, make it memorable, post it to your facebook page, involve your friends, make it a special day of transition from spring to summer.  
  • Plant something.  If you don’t have a garden of your own, volunteer at a community garden, or help a teacher introduce her kids to gardening.  How about a pot on your deck, or herbs on the windowsill?  Helping something grow is just so satisfying.
  • Start Fresh.  Just as birds re-build their nests each season, there is a natural urge to start anew each spring.  Time to de-clutter?  Time to re-connect with an old friend?  Time to heal an old wound?  Time to apply to a school?  

 ~Anne Kelly, President of active & casual plus size apparel
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