Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Write for Junonia!

Junonia invites plus size women from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, and with all kinds of interests and ways of living their lives to the fullest.  If you have a story to tell and would like to participate in the Junonia blog we invite blog submissions that meet the following criteria. 

Topics:  Themes that will inspire the plus size woman to live her life to the fullest.  Positive, motivational, funny, personal, heart-warming, uplifting, generous, kind, commonsense, realistic, surprising.  The kind of stories people will want to send to their friends. 

No-no’s:  Foul language, intolerance, judgmental language.

Nice to haves:  Photos for illustration that enhance the story.

Editorial Policy:  Junonia reserves the right to accept or publish at its discretion.  The author agrees to allow Junonia to edit the blog and post on its site.  Junonia will give credit to the blogger’s “home” blog if the author wishes.    Blogger may re-post the blog after Junonia’s publication on their Home blog with a credit to Junonia of as posted on Junonia http://blog.junonia.com

Compensation:  Guest Blogger will receive a discount code worth 50% off their next order, good for three months after the blog is posted.

Submit articles to:

Susan Noble
General Manager

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