Thursday, May 10, 2012

Women Have it Rough

Women Have it Rough.
by:  Cyndi

Everywhere we look we are bombarded by magazine covers and television programs that entice us by promising to show us how to get bodies like movie actresses or facial features like our favorite reality tv stars.  I know every woman alive has flipped through the pages of a magazine and said aloud or under her breath "I wish I had her nose (eyes, ears, cheekbones, thighs, knees, chin, etc, etc, etc...)".  

As women, it's our personal responsibility to show young girls what self love is.  It starts so early, and little girls are so impressionable.  Girls who see their mothers diet and complain about their own body their whole life become women who don't like themselves very much.  The mirror becomes a source of pain. 

Why can't we just love ourselves?  

As a nanny, I know I have to watch what I do.  The littlest elephants have the biggest ears.  When someone pulls out in front of me in traffic, I can't say ugly words because the little mouth in the backseat will say them right back to me.  And when I step in front of the mirror I don't dare say one negative thing in front of her.  We have a ritual every morning when I get her dressed.  I walk her over to the mirror and say "What do you think?". Her precious two year old eyes scan the mirror and she usually does a little twirl or dance and says "I look fantastic!". Then I spend a few minutes telling her how smart and beautiful and kind and caring she is.  I tell her that she has an adorable nose and pretty eyes and the cutest cheeks I've ever seen.  

I hope she grows up believing it.  And I hope that we as women can come together to empower little girls to see the beauty in their own faces, because what you see in the mirror is more important than what you see on any magazine cover. 

About Cyndi:
Born and raised in Alabama, Cyndi is a former truck driver turned nanny now living in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.  

She blogs openly about self love, fitness, and her lifelong struggle healthy body image at . 

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