Monday, May 14, 2012

Walk for the Animals!

Walk for the Animals!
By Anne Kelly

My sister Rose is an animal lover.  She always wanted to be a vet, but she is so allergic she became a doctor.  Oh, well!  So now she just takes lots of antihistamines so she can enjoy her dogs and her horse.  She says the best thing in life is to wake up with the thump, thump, thump of her huge mastiff/lab mix’s tail on the bed.

This is her favorite fund -raising event of the year, and I love it too.  It’s a fun and crazy day, filled with more dogs than you can image, all well-loved and mostly acquired through the animal humane societies. There were hundreds of people and their pets.  This event provides 75% of the funding for the year!

 There was everything!  Huge Danes and Wolfhounds, tiny Mini Poodles (really cute!), my lovely Beagle, Stella of course, Rose’s gentle giant Jack, and a friend’s equally gentle and huge German Shepherd mix.

The organizers really have it down!  We all park in remote lots and take the bus to the starting line.  It is funny to see those huge dogs sitting up on the bus seats.  I didn’t see any goats this year (my favorite) but there were birds and bunnies and even some pet rats. I only heard one or two short growls the whole day!

If you are looking for a walking companion, consider adopting a shelter pet.  These beautiful, well-behaved animals and their happy owners were an inspiration.

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