Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Small and Large Cell Cervical Cancer Sisters Unite

The following is a letter received by our President Anne, from a very strong woman and we at Junonia wanted to share it with you.

Dear Anne,

I had wrote you several months ago about donating outfits to a group of women, all diagnosed with the same rare cancer I had called “Small Cell Cervical Cancer” or other wise known as Neuroendocrine Cervical Cancer. We were going to Vegas to a cancer conference and most were meeting for the first time. Your company was very generous in your donation. I ended up with more girls bigger then I thought, due to gaining weight from treatment. Without hesitation, Susan and Tori were wonderful in helping me with this gift for my cancer sisters. All the ladies were very surprised and happy when they found out they were getting a new outfit. So I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been very lucky and done very well. I will be 5 years since my prognosis and this trip was a very big deal to these ladies. Meeting women who understand what each one is going through is a tremendous gift.

Due to the rare nature of this cancer no research is done so we found a doctor at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas named Dr. Michael Frumovitz who is a Gynecologic Oncologist. He has joined forces with our small group and helped start a research fund at MD Anderson. Our goal is to start a national registry to collect data in hopes that some better treatment options will be developed to give women diagnosed with small and large cell cervical cancer a better outcome. Dr. F as I call him, flew all the way from Texas to meet us and let us know that even though we have not reached our $200,000 goal, we are ½ way there and our project will begin.

Giving these ladies a new outfit helped this weekend be one they will never forget. Enclosed you will find a picture taken at our dinner where 40 people attend from the USA, Canada, Norway, and Australia. In this picture are 19 of the cancer sisters and our beloved Dr. F So many thanks for the wonderful donation to our ladies.

Thank You Again
Melanie Cummings

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