Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Motivation Corner-Are You Mad?

Are you mad? 
Do you find your language filled with “If only they…” or “Why don’t they…” or “Nobody ever…”? 

True enough, other people can be annoying.  But the question to consider it this:
What’s MY goal here?

If you are really mad, you might have trouble answering that question. 
But try:  What is YOUR goal?
Life gets easier when you are clear about your goal, but it also requires action on your part.

Sometimes it is easier to just stay mad—it’s a great excuse to not take action.
Staying mad keeps you right where you are.  Is that what you want?
So just for today, write down YOUR goal, and rein in your “madness.” 
Watch what happens and remember to Embrace Your Active Lifestyle!
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