Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I’m Still Amazing

By Anne Kelly, President of  Junonia
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Do you have a picture of yourself when you were age 4 or 5?  Take a close look at that little girl.  She was pretty amazing, right?   My mom gave me a picture she found recently, one of me at my third birthday party, standing on a chair in front the cake, in my little homemade dress, waving my arms and directing everyone.

Children don’t have to try to be amazing, they just are.   But here’s the thing, inside all of us adults, that amazing child still exists.   My family will tell you I am still waving my arms, telling everyone what to do!
Look carefully at that picture of yourself. You are sure to see amazing qualities like humor, persistence, physicality, artistry, love of animals, generosity, friendship, cleverness, perceptiveness, even naughtiness.   These are the gifts we were born with.  Our essence. 

Do you remember that movie called “Hitch”?  Remember the nerdy accountant who danced like a maniac?  All his friends were embarrassed by his style and told him to tone it down in order to attract the cool girl he was in love with.  But it turned out that’s what she loved about him the most!    He just couldn’t help it, it was his essence.  And she loved him just for that.

So take that risk, and let your inner essence out for a spin.  Dance, laugh, be naughty, be assertive.  See what happens!  You’ll be amazing. (And put that cute picture of yourself somewhere you’ll see it everyday, to remind yourself of your amazing essence.)
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