Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eco Friendly

Junonia designs, manufacturers and directly sells active and casual apparel for plus size women.  Many clothing companies focus their eco efforts on organic and recycled fabrics.   But the ec0-friendly thing we are committed to is making clothing that lasts.  The best example is our line of Aquasport ™ swimwear made from 100% mechanical stretch polyester.  Not only are these well-fitting, beautifully made suits, but they just last forever.  We started making these suits several years ago, and customers tell us that they are lasting at least 3 times longer than the typical nylon/spandex suits, and they just don’t need to replace them as often.  In fact, it is typical to hear from a customer at about 3 years that they really want a new suit, even though there is still life left in the old one.  And these are women swimming in chlorine several times a week!

What is eco about this?  Making things requires resources from the earth.  To be able to serve our customers needs with less demand for resources preserves those resources.  Think of it this way.  If we have a happy customer wearing the same lap suit for 3 years, instead of buying a new suit every 6 months (which is typical) that is 5 swimsuits that did not need to be produced.
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