Monday, April 2, 2012

Anne's Training Blog #3

It’s gorgeous outside!  The best thing about training is that I’m outside more often. I’m starting to enjoy the long walks again.  One day this week I felt like I was walking through quicksand.  That just happens some days, especially when I’m getting over a bug.  But yesterday the weather was perfect and I felt great.   So I helped a friend clean her garage for just one hour (amazing what you can do in an hour) and then we treated ourselves with a nice walk.   Today I binged on peanut butter whoppers (yes, really) so I’m motivated to get home and actually run/walk finally.  I’ve only been dabbling up to now, but I need to get organized. 

My friend is a military mom.  She is planning to run Mother’s Day as well, so she asked her son who is deployed to send a workout to her.   What a nice Mother’s day gift!  I’m including it here, but remember, no plan is perfect, and you need to listen to your body.   She is in good shape, has run in the past and just needs to work up to it again.  If you have never run (like me) this is probably a little too ambitious, but as you read the program you’ll see what a sensible son she has.  He builds in rest days, and some days that are more challenging.  And remember wherever it says “run” that can also be a run/walk.  10 minute miles are way beyond me, I’d be happy with 15!  Everyone is different and everyone is perfect .

The most important thing is to HAVE a plan, whatever it is.  So my task this week is to put my plan onto a wall calendar and to start working the plan!  8 weeks to the day.  And no more whoppers!  So study the shape of this plan, and then create your own based on where YOU are at.  Notice that this plans gets my friend to comfortably running the 3 mile distance several days BEFORE the race, and it gives her two rest days before race day.  Each week has as much rest as work in it.  And remember the best thing?  You get to be outside!

“Below is the training program that we talked about over the phone, again the most important thing is to get your feet and arches assessed and buy the right pair of running shoes and socks.  Also when you get the right shoes and socks wear them only when you are training, and do not vary especially the socks. 

The first 11 weeks are about building stamina and cardiovascular endurance, take advantage of the walks because they will help with the soreness that will develop in your legs.  From week 11 and on you should start focusing on your times set a mile time goal and try to stick to it.  10 minute miles should be a goal that you can both achieve.  This is an 18 week program, but if you need to condense it you should skip weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16.  If you start next Monday you have 11 weeks to train and if you cut the weeks out just jump to the next week.   Love you guys."

Week 1  Mon - Rest or Walk 45min, Tue- .5 mile run, Wed - Rest or Walk 45min, Thu .75 mile run, Fri – Rest, Sat - .75 mile run, Sun - 30-60 minute walk 
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