Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anne 5K Blog #4

I’m still running and walking – and this week I heard the word for it, wogging!   What I’m noticing is that I’ve got more bounce in my step.  So while I’m still running 100 steps then walking 50 then running 100, etc. – it’s just a little easier.  Not faster, not prettier, but easier.  On the alternate days, I’ve walked the full 5K distance a couple of times, and that felt easy.  It takes me about an hour.  My friend who is training has already run a full mile, so I’m a little jealous.  I need to convert that green monster to motivation!  So this week I’m going to increase the running sections in my wogging.  Using the 10% rule tonight my running steps should number 110 , then on Monday 110*10% = 121,  Wednesday 133, and Friday 146—well maybe I’ll round up to 150.      
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