Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Active Commuting – an International Trend

Who isn’t pressed for time?  That’s one of the main reasons people say they don’t exercise.

But several trends are converging to create what some are calling the Active Commuting Trend.  This trend combines the desire to save money on transportation, a concern for the environment, heavy traffic, a desire to be outside, and getting in exercise all at the same time.

Countries from Great Britain to New Zealand are at the forefront of encouraging people to get involved in active commuting. 
What is active commuting actually? Bicycle commuting of course, and even taking the LONG route to work.  For some people it means parking in a distant cheap parking space and putting on those walking shoes.  Some people decide to simply walk to work, donning a backpack, sunglasses and a hat to enjoy the stroll.  Some people run into to a gym near their work, so they can do a quickdip in the pool (or spa) and take a shower and come out ready for that corporate meeting.

Regular active commuters stash essential extras at their desk, like an extra set of underwear, just in case of forgetfulness when packing up in the morning. 

What are the benefits?  Well, of course great exercise.  And no need to hit the gym after work, preserving that time for you and your family.  It becomes a pattern, and patterns are always easier to maintain.  And spending that time outside, not on a bus, not on a train, not in a car, is time for enjoying the beauty of your surroundings and building in a little private time for you each day.  
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