Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions need a boost?

Get Back on Track using these great websites for encouragement!

Tips from Blogger Janice Croze on an interview with ABC channel 7:

Use websites for encouragement and great information:
For Diet Motivation: - Real women challenging themselves.  There to help each other.

For Exercise Motivation:
Dr. Keri Paterson, editor of was interviewed on NBC and suggests putting your exercise dates into your calendar 4 times a week and keep them like you would a date with a friend-you!

Encouraging great and healthy food: – focused on traditional foods – gluten free and so good her husband will eat it!

Getting Organized: – tips on everything.  The fitness section has an article called “ 7 Workouts for People with No Money (Free Sweat!)” - De-clutter and simplify your life.

Saving Money and budgeting: – Where Financial Nerds are Cool.
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