Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do super-intense circumstances bring out the best in you?

I have to read Doonesbury each day in the paper, so I sometimes glance over at the horoscope section as well.   Yesterday’s advice was this:

“There’s an old Southern saying that a frog doesn’t know how far it can jump until it is kicked.  Super-intense circumstances always bring out the best in you.”

Many of us are feeling a little “kicked” these days, by the economy, by our work situations, by the international struggles, by life’s disappointments. 

But this quote got me thinking that BEING kicked may be a fact, but FEELING kicked is a choice.  If I think back to some of my most satisfying times in life, the truth is, they started with a kick I certainly didn’t want!  
My story about being “kicked” was when I transferred schools to Canada as an undergrad.  I was promised I could complete within two years.  When I showed up on campus, they reneged on that promise and said it would take 3 years to complete.   I sure didn’t want to tell my parents I would need another year of college!  Luckily tuition didn’t increase if I took extra classes, so I took a LOT of classes in two years instead of three and graduated on time.  And it turned out to be a fabulous two years, where I took everything in sight!  It was hard, busy, and I didn’t make straight A’s.  But I got a fabulous education I would never have experienced without that kick! 

I’ll bet if you look back on your life, you have a story like mine, when something bad happened and you somehow took that kick and propelled yourself into something amazing.

If we can accept a kick as propulsion, and not let it get us down, just think about the places we will go! 

I’d love to share your stories!  Email me at annekellyfounder@junonia.com!  
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