Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sports Bra Q&A:

How to find the perfect bra fit.
The most important thing is to measure.  You have probably heard that an estimated 80% of women are in the wrong bra size.   If you aren’t sure of your size after measuring, you may need to order more than one size to try on.  Once you have your size, it will make ordering in the future a breeze.

How to Care for Sport Bras?
Delicate wash by hand or washer and line dry or dry flat.  Do not put in the dryer.  This will lengthen the life of your bras.  No need for special washes, but using a lingerie wash is fine.

When should you buy new sports bras?
It’s hard to give up a comfortable sport bra, but when the stretch starts to go, so should the bra.

Do you need a different bra for different activities?
Yes.  If you do a wide variety of things, you’ll want several different bras.  For example, running will require a lot of bounce control and a snug fit, while weights and yoga needs a soft control bra.  The larger your cup size, the more likely you’ll need more bra choices to match your comfort with your activity. 

How can I improve bounce control?
This is a problem for many women, especially those with larger cup sizes.  Look for the best sport bra that has your size.  Consider layering a sport bra top over your structured sport bra.  For Aqua classes, wear a sport bra or actual bra inside. 

Dare I wear my sport bra without something over it?
Of course!  Many women like to wear a tee to yoga or spinning class and after they get sweating, pull it off.  If feels great.  And JunoActive cuts its plus size bra tops generously for full and flattering coverage.

What about Color?
Just because it’s a sports bra doesn’t mean it has to be boring!  Enjoy a pop of color underneath a mesh top or tank!
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