Thursday, February 9, 2012

Healthy Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you are planning a special meal for you and your sweetie for Valentine’s Day, you might consider adding one or more of these heart-healthy and sensuous foods.

  • Artichokes:  Steam the entire head and pull off the leaves one by one, dipping the meaty end in olive-oil aioli.
  • Strawberries:  Find the biggest, sweetest ones in the store and eat whole while lounging.  Add sensuousness by dipping in the darkest chocolate sauce you can find.
  • Chocolate:  The darker the healthier.  Try chocolate made with sea salt for a burst of intensity.
  • Have you tried Liberte Yogurt?  Oh my!  It’s better than ice cream!
  • Oysters!  Take your date to your favorite oyster bar and try several varieties.  They promise to steam up your love life.
  • Soup:  Nothing says loving like a bowl of homemade soup.
  • Sushi:  Elegant, subtle, refreshing leaves you ready for love.
  • Tea:  A nice cup of tea is filled with micronutrients, and just warms the soul, especially when you share a pot with that special someone.
  • Artisan cheeses: Nibble from France to Spain to Wisconsin, enjoy the sensuous flavors.  Include soft cheeses and goat cheese.
  • The little special extras:  Dates, nuts, dried fruits, figs, imported waters, flavored coffee.
And spend some quality time with your sweetie in the kitchen while preparing all your favorites! Put on some music and dance your way through food prep. Look and feel great in something casual that will let you move and flirt! Add some jewelry to quickly glam up the look. What could be better than delicious food, great tunes, lots of laughs and your sweetie by your side?
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